HI! Welcome to Plates for Plants, a place where I post all my favorite healthy vegan recipes.

That's me! I'm Natasha. In my mid-twenties, I like to think that the world is my home. Canadian by birth, I have this life plan that involves exploring the world for a few years. The plan is to be in Canada for the summers and wherever else in the winters, usually somewhere tropical.

My love of food brought me to create this blog. I love making all my favorites into healthy, beautiful dishes for everyone to enjoy. I follow a low-fat, high carb "philosophy" because it makes me feel amazing.

You will notice a few things on this blog:

- I like challenges. Making something that is usually unhealthy into something uber heatlhy (and just as delicious) is my calling.

- I avoid oils and salt, on top of providing mainly gluten and soy free recipes. I have nothing against soy, just don't happen to eat it often.

- I am always open to requests, comments and suggestions!

You can always contact me at:


Here's a few of the most popular posts:

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