Friday, 15 August 2014

Vegan Travelling: O'Hare and Dulles Airport Reviews.

I see so many posts in vegan groups about how to travel as a vegan. People get very anxious about being able to find options in transit and at destination. Which is totally understandable because who wants to be stuck in an airport ravenous and desperate for a bite to eat?

While travelling back from Costa Rica to Ottawa, I "documented" my food adventures on the way. With 23 hours of travel time, I knew that I had to be decently prepared. I scoped out a few options, and seeing as I got in late to Washington, and had an overnighter, I had to make sure I could find food fast enough before everything closed. We shall start in Chicago though...

In Chicago, there are options galore for vegan food. I chose to make a stop at CIBO express that was rumored to have awesome vegan options. I was definitely not dissapointed, and to be honest, I went a little over board! Not everything I had was gluten free, but they had a few options available. You can see the Med platter above, which had 2 salads, hummus and some corn chips. It was a welcome fresh snack after a long flight.

The bean and rice chips we're pretty darn tasty, we don't have these in Canada and they were a nice treat to try out. They definitely have a nacho taste going for them, with almost too much flavor on the chips. The peanut butter cup are so so good, too hard to resist!

This buffalo tofu is the best I have ever had. Hands down. I even ate it cold and could have had 2 more. If you pass through this airport, definitely get this. I'm still attempting to recreate it (without the weat and oil).

My faithful companion on the trip, this little ball of fur is my emotional support animal so she gets to travel in cabin with me. She was a champ the entire time! She hates cars, but apparently planes are easy peasy.

That was food adventure in Chicago O'Hare Airport!

Washington Dules was actually my first stop. Like I said I got in late and didn't have much time to get food. I dashed to Zpizza to grab a vegan organic pizza and grabbed some liquids and I also had some snacks with me to keep me sustained through the night.

The next morning I just grabbed an odawala smoothie and a Chai Latte while waiting for my 6AM departure. All in all, travelling vegan is not even near a problem in these 2 airports!

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