Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Vegan MoFo 2013: TV Tuesdays: Take-Out Pizza

For my first TV Tuesdays post I won't actually be posting a recipe, but rather talking about TV food culture and how it has influenced eating habits.

Most TV shows aren't exactly full of amazing healthy food. More often than not the characters are eating take-out, dinner food or american "classics" that I just don't like seeing on my plate (in a vegan version) very often.

Let's talk about one of them in particular: Pizza.

The beloved dish comes in as many forms as the people who love it. From super unhealthy pies full of grease to the raw pizza, passing by my favorite the gluten-free vegan pie. Hard to find, difficult to master, but oh-so-delicious and leaving you feeling amazing, it's truly the best in my world. Even better when the crust is made with veggies! Which I will be featuring in another post this month at some point once I've mastered it.

It's iconic in such TV shows as The Teenage Ninja Trutles, a favorite when I was a kid to Eat Pray Love and that scene in Naples. I think it just might be the most seen fast food in movies, delivery guy included.

I indulged in a little pizza myself. Not completely following my guidelines of clean eating, but not terrible either is the vegan pizza from Pizzaiolo here in Toronto. My partner and I split a large Vittoria and added some Daiya cheese to the mix. I hadn't had pizza in so long, it was pretty amazing to just be able to walk into a pizza joint and be able to order straight off the menu with no substitutions (except changing the zucchini to green olives because we have eaten far too mane zucch's this summer). Coming from Ottawa, where when I left had nothing like this available, it's a pretty awesome feeling to see the word vegan directly on the menu.

I also totally forgot to take pictures.

It was a good treat! Nonetheless, it's absolutely something that is a once in a blue moon treat. I feel much better eating clean and whole than with this pizza. The rest of the week is going to be filled with some awesome late summer veggies and fruit!

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